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Monday, October 6, 2008



Cell phones are innocent looking communication devices that enable continuous transmission of voice/data. In secured places, where policy does not warrant the use of mobile phones, it is almost impossible to detect a person conducting cell phone conversations or to spot other such misuse, especially when mobile phones are very small.

Examples of places where cell phone use may not be allowed include: .

Businesses (conferences, board of directors rooms, seminars, meeting rooms) . Government Building and Government Complexes . Law Enforcement Facilities . Police Stations . Drug Enforcement Facilities . Prison Facilities, Jails, Etc. . Courts of Law and Court Houses . Embassies . Military Installations, Military Complexes, and Military Training Centres

Safety Issues.

In accordance with fire code regulations, mobile phones must be switched "off" in any area that has a potentially explosive atmosphere, including "petrol service stations" where sparks could cause an explosion or fire. These preventable accidents occur more frequently than most people are aware. Areas where mobile phone use is prohibited include:. Petrol/ Gas Stations . Oil Refineries and Storage Facilities . Offshore Oil Platforms . Petrol/Gas Transportation Vehicles . Chemical Refineries and Storage Facilities. Chemical Transportation Vehicles . Laboratories . Fireworks Factories . Liquefied Petroleum (LPG) Refineries and Storage Facilities. LPG Transportation Vehicles . Natural Gas Refineries and Storage facilities . Natural Gas Transportation Vehicles . Power Plants . Industrial Plants (or anywhere the air contains chemicals or particles such as grain, dust, or metal powders) . Hospitals Etc.


The increased technology of the cellular phone has made life convenient and easy. However in some situations it creates a nuisance to other people. We at ENDUE Inc. can provide you with solutions on the burning issue of cell phone related problems at (conferences, board of directors rooms, seminars, meeting rooms, Petrol / Gas Stations, Hospitals,schools etc) One cannot force mobile users to switch off their cell phones. We have a reliable Product with Indian technology & support from IIT. that can block the signals of cell phone in the premises where you don’t want people to use them.

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