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Monday, October 6, 2008

Radiation Shield

Your electronic gadgets ( Cell phone, computer, microwave oven, etc. ) and transmitting towers ( AM, FM, TV & Cellular or Mobiles ) close to you may be dangerous to your Health!!!..........

Radiation Shield allows you to carry on using number of high frequency gadgets at home or office or elsewhere without worrying about the harmful effects of their radiation.

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Why to use…….?

RADIATION SHIELD ( IIT BOMBAY TECHNOLOGY )With growth in electrical, electronics and telecom industries, electromagnetic and microwave radiation is increasing day by day. There are radiations from cellular, TV, AM, FM towers, wireless and cell phones, computers, laptops, microwave ovens etc. We all are exposed to all these radiations, which are additive in nature. People living close to the transmitting towers (especially pregnant women, children, house wives, and older people) may absorb radiation round the clock as they have to remain in that area always. Children’s sculls are still growing and are thinner and tests have shown that they absorb more radiation than adults. Thousands of children are now being exposed daily to radiation at very close quarters. If you look in the literature or browse internet you will notice large no. of reported effects like chromosome damage, impact on concentration capacity, decrease in short term memory, increase in the no. of cancer incidences etc. Transmitting towers of mobile phone radiate strong radiations amongst all other towers. With the growth of telecom industry, competition, lot of towers are mushrooming, further increasing the exposure.Imagine, if you have to stand in the sun for a few minutes, you might like the warmth of the sun but if you have to stay in the sun for 8 hours, it becomes uncomfortable. Now imagine if the sun is present 24 hrs and you are exposed to it over the years! will be extremely dangerous.When people are exposed to electromagnetic radiation, they absorb it because human body contains 70% liquid. It is similar to that of cooking in microwave oven, where water in the food is heated first. These thermal effects are more pronounced in the body where we have more liquid content, such as eyes, brain, heart, joints at hands, arms, thighs, legs, etc. The thermal effect can be reduced by drinking more liquid.To absorb these undesired radiations the RADIATION SHIELD (patent pending) has been invented at IIT Mumbai. This shield absorbs 10% to 50% radiation depending upon its placement and direction of source of radiation. Just like we put locks at our house or office to protect our valuables, we have to install radiation shield to protect our health.Radiation Shield is a stand alone unit to decrease the level of unwanted microwave energy in the environment, which is constantly being absorbed by a human body. Radiation Shield is an everlasting perfectly designed high performance product. It consists of two orthogonally polarized broadband antennas to cover the frequency range of 800 MHz to 4.00 GHz. The antennas will receive the radiation from all the sources, such as mobile phones, computers, laptops, microwave ovens, forth coming 3G and WiMAX systems and dump it into the matched load, which is built inside the radiation shield. The absorption of microwave radiation by the radiation shield is much more efficient than the absorption by the human body. The phenomenon is similar to that of a magnet attracting the small iron pieces due to its magnetic field.It is suggested that Radiation Shield must be placed between you and the source of radiation, i.e. Keep it near working / study table, near the bed in each bedroom, near microwave oven, near computer / laptop / TV / home theatre, etc, to reduce the microwave absorption to you and your family.Radiation Shield offers reassurance to everyone who wants to use their electronic gadgets in a safe radiation free environment. Tests have shown that up to 50% of radiation will be absorbed by one radiation shield and up to 75% and beyond can be absorbed by using two shields, while maintaining a minimum distance of 60 cm between them during installation / placement. The radiation shield is a passive device, it requires no electrical power supply to operate, is rugged and 100% maintenance free. Radiation Shield allows you to carry on using number of high frequency gadgets at home or office or elsewhere without worrying about the harmful effects of their radiation.

Contact : ( 09823459929 )

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